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We're raising funds to continue supporting Autism families in our community through education, advocacy, events, and projects to promote the inclusion of people with autism.

Great news everyone! Autism Moms of Houston has just received an anonymous matching gift donation of $5,000! That means that for every dollar we receive in donations over the next two weeks, we will get a matching gift for the same amount, up to $5,000. So if you donate $20, Autism Moms of Houston will receive $40 (Your gift of $20 plus the matching gift of $20). If you donate $50, Autism Moms of Houston will receive $100! So, if you were considering donating to Autism Moms of Houston, and have the resources, now is a great time to do it because it will have double the impact! Even if you can only donate a small amount, it will make a big difference. Thank you so much for all you do for Autism Moms of Houston!





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