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Hey everyone! Get ready for some excitement! We've got some awesome FREE events lined up for our Autism community!

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Autism Resolution for Acceptance Awareness month for Autism Andreza carleo

On April 25, 2023, the Autism Moms of Houston nonprofit organization was honored through a resolution in observance of April as Autism Acceptance Month. As the founder of AMoH and an advocate for autism, being among the leaders of our community and talking about my journey with my son Alex and the work we do to bring more help to our autism families was a very special moment filled with emotions. Thank you, Lana Nimri and Karel Lopez, for being some of the voices representing AMoH with me that day. A special thanks to the team of Harris County Precinct 2 for their dedication to our special needs community. My full gratitude goes to Commissioner Adrian Garcia, who brought this resolution to life and spoke so well about the challenges and issues our communities encountered on this journey, and for all his dedication to the special needs community. Without a doubt, we need more leaders like him.Please, I invite you to take a closer look at their amazing work through their Facebook page as well as their website,

Autism moms Of Houston Organization A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to Support, Empower and Advocate for Autism Families.

Get to Know Us

Autism Moms Of Houston started as a private support group created by two autism moms who found support in each other and decided to create that same support for other families.The private group grew fast, and in 4 years, it acquired more than 5000 members. Andreza Carleo founded the Non-profit Autism Moms of Houston organization. Today, AMoH is one of the most active groups in Houston and surrounding areas, with a great exchange of information, resources, and support for families with individuals on the spectrum.

Find our private group by clicking on the link:

AMoH Private Group

Granting Yourself the Grace as an Autism Mom

We start to question if we are really made to handle all of this.

And let me tell you something — you are made for this. You can handle this. You will handle this. 

You will bend.

You will break.

You will fall.

But you will get back up.

You will move on.

You will persevere. 

You will get through this.

Everyone has times when they could use some support or motivation from others.

Sometimes you might be the one who does the encouraging and sometimes, just sometimes, you might be the one who needs the encouragement. 


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